The Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation has merged with The Body Agency Collective

TBA Collective is an established 501(c)(3) committed to advancing gender healthcare equity by focusing on access to care,
economic empowerment and stability, sports and mental health, and advocacy and partnership building.

This merger will help us execute our existing mission while expanding our global efforts
to provide access to care and eliminate healthcare inequalities.

Our Mission

GACCF offers training, technology, access—and hope—where there was none before. During our educational journey, specifically for low-and middle-income markets, we drive cancer care professionals to expand their knowledge base. We implement and oversee training courses and workshops that enhance cancer treatment through radiotherapy treatment—an essential component in more than 50 percent of all cancer patients, along with surgery and chemotherapy. We develop and empower the human capital required to save lives and beat cancer.

How Your Donation Provides Access to Cancer Care

$49 Send a kit to Ukrainian women, children, and healthcare workers with essential sanitary, menstruation, and safety products.

Your donation of $150 will sponsor a clinician enrolling in our online training course.

A donation of $500 will provide a scholarship for a clinician to attend an intensive three-week training program.

Donating $1,500 will provide a scholarship for a certified six month pediatric oncology fellowship.

With a donation of $5,000 you can join our Hope Team for an annual Mount Kilimanjaro climb.

GACCF is having a global impact in places like these

Climb For Hope Fundraiser

A GACCF and Radiating Hope team will make the trek to display prayer flags dedicated to cancer patients on the summit of Africa’s highest peak.

Made up of a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels, including cancer survivors and caregivers the team is facing this challenge to support the GACCF and it’s mission to improve care for those battling cancer world-wide.




Sixty percent of the world’s total
new cancer cases are diagnosed in developing countries. Seventy percent of all global deaths occur in low to middle-income countries.
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