The Climb For Hope

A GACCF and Radiating Hope team will go on a trek to display prayer flags dedicated to cancer patients on the summit of Africa’s highest peak.

Made up of a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels, including cancer survivors and caregivers the team is facing this challenge to support the GACCF and its mission to improve care for those battling cancer worldwide.

The nine-day trek up Mount Kilimanjaro’s 19,340 feet starts in dense tropical rainforest, before passing through some of the mountain’s best features – the Shira Plateau, the infamous Barranco Wall, and scenic Karanga Valley on the way to the summit.

“Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a perfect metaphor for what a cancer patient goes through when battling the disease. You just keep climbing, fighting harder, pushing yourself further, overcoming the sickness and pain that comes with the journey. ”
—Tonya Steiner, Executive Director of Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation.

Climb For Hope Fundraiser