GACCF and One Room Wonders are stepping up to to support our healthcare heroes!

Meet Elena!

As an ER nurse in a high-level trauma center in the Bronx, Elena has experienced firsthand the effects of COVID-19. When the global pandemic hit not only was the hospital she works at turned upside down, so were her living conditions at home.

With all three children back from school, Elena’s family has had to adjust to a new lifestyle together.They live in a cramped apartment where the living room couch is now Elena’s bed. The extreme physical and emotional stress that ER nurses face on a daily basis require them to be well rested and energized. We are asking you to help us power Elena back up.

With your donations, we plan to renovate her apartment in two areas:

  1. Create a bedroom sanctuary for Elena to recharge so she can be the best nurse her patients love and deserve.
  2. Create a bedroom where her children can sleep, study and work on their charity (which creates and has already made hundreds of face shields for hospital staff).

Elena is a caring, selfless person who advocates for others. She is devoted to her profession as a nurse and works hard to improve the lives of others. Now it’s time to return the favor. Follow along to see the room transformation online here.


This Healthcare Heroes Project is made possible by our partner, One Room Wonders, who utilize their collective expertise to transform one room in the home of deserving individuals. Their goal is to create one of a kind spaces that positively impact lives, enhance well being and spark joy through the art of design.