AMP201 Moonshot – Project Luyando in Zambia

What does Luyando mean? It means ‘Love’

Project Overview

The Moonshot Team has partnered with The Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation to deliver radiation equipment to The Cancer Diseases Hospital (CDH) in the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka.

Background: The Moonshot Team & Project Luyando

Moono Simatyaba is a Finance Executive and mother of three from Zambia. Moono received a diagnosis of breast cancer in October 2021 while attending Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program, a global program focused on preparing senior leaders to drive transformation and change. 

Confronting her prospects for medical care back home, Moono discovered that she and her fellow Zambians have little access to many life-saving treatments in their country. She needed radiation therapy and could not get it in Zambia. Her Harvard classmates rallied behind her – helping Moono receive the necessary care in the United States.
Today, Moono celebrates being cancer free. While she is grateful that cancer is behind her, the burden of knowing other Zambians may not be as fortunate weighs heavily on her.  Moono therefore decided to act to bring about change, igniting enthusiasm and support around the world.
Moono’s Harvard classmates — representing diverse industries and 53 countries – were inspired by Moono’s strength of character and resolve, and a group of them joined Moono to form the “Moonshot Team” and launch Project Luyando.

The Problem:

Hundreds are waiting to receive radiation therapy in Zambia, and many will simply die waiting. Today, Zambians with breast cancer do not have adequate access to life-saving treatment. The country’s population of more than 18 million people is served by only one cancer treatment center, the Cancer Diseases Hospital (CDH) in the capital city, Lusaka. The CDH is equipped with only one, out-of-date linear accelerator machine to deliver critical radiation therapy to its cancer patients. The average usage of a linear accelerator is ten years. The CDH`s machine limps on sixteen years after its installation, unable to serve even those diagnosed as top priority recipients of immediate therapy. Without new equipment and training to accompany it, thousands of Zambians wait to receive radiation therapy, and many will simply die waiting.

The Solution:

The solution is clear – a new radiation therapy machine must be procured for the CDH. Project Luyando will procure a new radiotherapy machine and treat 6x more patients per year.

In close coordination with the CDH, Project Luyando seeks to raise $1.5 million USD to fund complete comprehensive care & treatment including the purchase of a cutting-edge linear accelerator from one of the top global producers. The CDH has secured a commitment from the Ministry of Health of Zambia to cover maintenance costs, and to facilitate duty free import of the machine to the country.

The Moonshot Team

Moono Simatyaba

Moono Simatyaba
Finance Executive


Josh Spinner
Executive Vice President and CEO of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation


Boris Okuliar
Partner, Portfolio Manager and Co-Head of Global Liquid Credit at Ares Management

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 12.01.16 PM

Ginger Porter
President, GOLIN, a global PR agency

Paul Francisco Headshot

Paul Francisco
Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Officer at State Street Corporation

Arja Talakar

Arja Talakar
SVP Industrial Application Siemens Energy and CEO Dresser Rand Inc

Nia Tatsis Headshot2

Nia Tatsis
Executive Vice President and Chief Regulatory and
Quality Officer at Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Zambia Flag

Gareth McGeown

Project Partners

The Moonshot Team (see above), The Cancer Diseases Hospital, & The Ministry of Health of Zambia.