GACCF – Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda: Rwanda flag against blue sky - sun and blue, yellow and green stripes - photo by M.Torres

Bringing brachytherapy to Rwanda Military Hospital

Project Overview

We are working with our partners to build a bunker for public cervical cancer treatment with brachytherapy at at Rwanda Military Hospital.

Target Regions: Kigali, Rwanda

Detailed Description:

There is currently no public cervical cancer treatment with brachytherapy in Rwanda, so we are building a bunker and installing an HDR unit at Rwanda Military Hospital. At this location we will be providing advanced training workshops for radiation therapists and medical physicists. There are too few medical physicists in Rwanda, so we are working on a collaborative program with other countries with advanced physics program to fill the unmet needs.

Project Leadership

Brady Forseth

Brady Forseth
African Community & Conservation Foundation

Hubert Tuyishime

Hubert Tuyishime
Partners in Health

Project Partners

Rwanda Military Hospital, Butaro Cancer Centre of Excellence, Partners in Health, The African Community & Conservation Foundation (ACCF), and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.