Professor Rebecca Wong is a Radiation Oncologist and Vice Chair of Education at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center, University of Toronto. She completed her medical training in the UK (Sheffield University), followed by Radiation Oncology and Clinical Epidemiology training at Queens and McMaster Universities. She is the Director of Education for Princess Margaret – Radiation Medicine Program, and the Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Radiation Oncology University of Toronto. Her research in education is focused on global capacity building in radiation oncology through training and education. Her approach is through identifying sustainable mechanisms to leverage education expertise, broaden faculty engagement to compliment the needs of our collaborative partners. In addition to her efforts in education, she has been active in the design and implementation of clinical trials, serving as the Chair of the Symptom Control Committee, Canadian Cancer Trials group, and have led the development of several international trials in gastrointestinal malignancies and palliative radiotherapy. She has been active in knowledge translation and evidence based guideline development through the Cochrane Collaboration and Cancer Care Ontario Program in Evidence Based Care. She is the author of over 130 peer-reviewed articles.